Saturday, March 19, 2011

Terry Spear's Seducing the Huntress

Seducing the HuntressTerry Spear’s Seducing the Huntress is so seductive that after reading this 50-page short story, I felt as if I’d just read a full length novel. It’s amazing how much emotion and action Spear can pack into so few pages. The story of Sarzoven and Miranda in Seducing the Huntress hooks you from the first page and has twists and turns that keeps you guessing until the very last pages.  This is just a teaser of what Terry Spear’s vampires are like. If you enjoy this short story, you have to pick up Deadly Liaisons, one of my personal favorites!
After 600 years, Sarzoven and his sister Catarina, have played many death-defying games and wagers. When you’re a vampire and pretty much have eternity to look forward to, it takes a lot to get you excited. That changes when Catarina’s newest bet is seducing the huntress Miranda Landower, daughter to one of the most successful vampire hunters. To make the bet even more intriguing for Sarzoven is the fact that he is on Miranda’s list of rouge vampires to be terminated. Sarzoven feels up to the task until he takes very close notice of her. Something about her has his body thrumming with desire. After losing his human mate over 100 years ago, he swore to never get emotionally involved with another human. Suddenly he’s not sure who’s being seduced—him or Miranda.
Miranda is a vampire huntress and she’s very good at what she does. Her list of kills is long, but all of them were proven rogues. Miranda doesn’t blindly kill those on her list of rogues; she hunts at night when she can catch them in the act, proving that they deserve their fate. So when Sarzoven’s name shows up on her list, she knows something isn’t right. Why would a vampire with a history of helping protect humanity suddenly turn against it? She’s got doubts about this sexy vampire but suddenly she’s hoping her list is wrong this time.
When Sarzoven saved her from an assassin’s bullet, Miranda realized that she may in fact be on someone’s termination list herself—but why? Could it be because she didn’t terminate Sarzoven on sight or could it be something more personal? Sarzoven and Miranda must overcome their differences and trust each other in order for them both to survive. But even if they survive, is there any chance of a future for a vampire huntress and a 600 year-old vampire?

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