Monday, March 21, 2011

Laird of Darkness by Nicole North

Laird of DarknessNicole North’s Laird of Darkness is a historical, highland, fae romance. Yes, all three wrapped into one tantalizing tale. Sexy and seductive, Duncan MacDougall is such a compelling character that I found myself hoping from the beginning that he was a “good guy” after all. I wish there would’ve been more in the book about his fae background but really the “fae” part of his character plays a very small part. There were several background characters, but Duncan and Alana dominate the story in such a way that the rest of the world disappears. Their love story is filled with sweet emotion and steamy sex you can’t help but want them together forever. Fast-paced and sensual, the only thing that could make it better was if it was longer. I’m not sure if there is going to be a follow up to Laird of Darkness, but I would be first in line to read more from this story.


 Laird Duncan MacDougall is haunted by nightmares that leave him marred with bites and scratches from creatures he is helpless to stop without the magical bow & arrows that his half-brother, Kinnon MacClaren possesses. Unfortunately Kinnon is also Duncan’s enemy, cursed by their mother to never be able to set foot upon each other’s lands, obtaining the bow has been a near impossible feat.

When Duncan kidnaps Kinnon’s intended bride, Lady Alana Forbes, Duncan believes he has the one thing that will finally get the magical bow into his hands. Holding Lady Alana as hostage, he offers a trade to his half-brother: the bow in exchange for Kinnon’s beautiful bride to be. What Duncan didn’t plan for was his feelings for Alana. Duncan finds himself helpless against the draw of Alana’s beauty and challenging personality.  If only she wasn’t promised to his half-brother, he would keep her for himself, for her inner peace and “light” could be the saving grace that he needs.

She’s never met her intended husband, Kinnon MacClaren and can only hope that he is not only handsome, but a generous lover. While not proper for her to be experienced, she is no virgin and desires a man that can satisfy her needs in the bedchamber.
On the way to Claren Castle, Alana is kidnapped and taken hostage by a seductive and sexy man with magical abilities. Finding out the man is half-fae and also the half-brother of her future husband does nothing to keep her from wanting him. While she knows her body wants him, is he truly what her heart desires? Can Alana become more than a pawn in the middle of a battle between brothers? Or will the brothers’ hatred of each other take the decision out of her hands?

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