Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kiss Across Swords by Teal Ceagh

Kiss Across Swords is the second book in the Time Crossed Loves series by Teal Ceagh. As in the first book Kiss Across Time, we get to come along the journey through history with Brody, Taylor, and Veris. The passionate love for each other has grown to a scorching level in this book. While Kiss Across Time gave a wonderful insight into the pasts of Brody and Veris, Kiss Across Swords goes even deeper into the emotional struggles behind the two lovers. We get an in depth view of how they met and became lovers. Even more emotionally involved than the first book in the series, readers will experience racing hearts and fluttering stomaches as you turn the pages of this thrilling exploration of battle, self loathing, trust, and a soul shaking love that time cannot erase.
Taylor’s special birthday didn’t turn out how she’d hoped. After years of living a wonderful life sharing in a love with Brody and Veris, sharing their histories and their bed, she was ready to take the next step. She asks Veris to turn her. She wants to live forever as a vampire alongside them both. Veris doesn’t take to the request how she expected him to. He turns his back and walks out on Brody and Taylor. Afraid she’s lost him forever she takes comfort in Brody’s arms.
Taylor and Brody are taken back to the time of the first crusades. Being used to these trips back in time Taylor and Brody simply wait for Veris to appear as he normally does and enjoy the trip together. However something isn’t quite right this time. Veris has no idea who they are and he is less than happy about the attempted seduction by Taylor, something that is just not done in that time period.
Something has gone terribly wrong. Somehow they have changed history on one of their previous trips back in time. Now they must figure out what went wrong and how to fix history or they just might go back to a future that doesn’t exist any longer, losing more than just Veris. Taylor and Brody must find a way to bring Veris back to them using ways that are acceptable in the time period they are stuck in. Veris is non to thrilled with their presumed lies about the future and attempts to lure him into their plans. Knowing that they only have 4 days to fix their relationship they risk changing even more history in order to guarantee their future together.

Kiss Across Time by Teal Ceagh

Kiss Across Time 
Teal Ceagh’s Kiss Across Time is a fascinating and deliciously sexy story of a love that has spanned many lifetimes. The relationship between Brody Gallagher and Veris is masculine, yet full of endearing emotions. Once Taylor Yates is brought into the relationship it goes from a sexy story to one that burns your fingers with every turn of the page! The chemistry these three characters is apparent from the very beginning. The way Ceagh incorporates time travel into the story does not take away from the realness of the story in any way and in fact added to my eagerness while I was reading. You never know where, or should I say “when”, Taylor will end up with Brody or Veris. When you’re reading about 2000 year old vampires, it’s a special treat to get to see and live their history instead of hearing them retell it. You can feel the emotions come off the page when Brody and Veris share their histories with Taylor.
Kiss Across Time is a terrific start to the Time Crossed Love series. Readers won’t be able to help but fall in love with the characters. Taylor Yates is one lucky woman and Kiss Across Time is a must read for any fan of the paranormal/erotica genre!
Taylor Yates has just been fired from her teaching position at the university for her stance that the 5th century poet Inigo Domhnall did actually exist.  After hearing the words from an Inigo Domhnall poem in the lyrics of a death metal song, she is even surer of her beliefs and she plans to prove it by setting up a private meeting with the band’s lead singer Brody Gallagher. The first meeting is not what she expects at all. Brody kisses her during his stage performance and they are both transported back in time to the days when Brody was a warrior, in King Arthur’s Britain. What a kiss!  After sharing an equally explosive kiss with Brody’s friend and lover, the sexy Saxon Warrior Veris, Taylor figures out there is much more to these gorgeous guys than meets the eye. They are vampires and have been together for centuries. 
Readers will enjoy the passion between the characters and the attention to detail that the author gives during the time travel sequences makes it easy to step into the story. Kiss Across Time leaves you signing in contentment and eager to learn more from Brody, Taylor, and Veris.