Friday, March 4, 2011

A Second Chance At Forever

A Second Chance at Forever is the second book in the Dark Kiss Trilogy. Ms. Strange continues the series with even more in-depth characters and a story that is even better than the first. The way Ms. Strange writes makes the emotions seem so real that you are drawn into the story laughing and crying right along with the characters. With a tremendous amount of twists in the story, there was never a time when it got predictable or boring. Even during lulls in the action, there was so much going on personally between the characters you didn’t want the dialogue to end, even what was left unsaid. Before you read this book, you need to read My Love Eternal to really understand what’s happening and the reasons behind the emotions involved. A Second Chance at Forever went far beyond my expectations and has left so much open for the third book in the series that I can’t wait to read what’s going to happen next.


A Second Chance at Forever takes us to San Francisco, a little over two years since the apparent death of Rachel’s vampire lover and maker, Giovanni, at the hands of the Demarais’ vampire hunters. Eli, Charles, and Rachel have settled into their new lives as best as they can. Rachel, still struggling with the loss of Giovanni, is having a very difficult time facing the feelings that Eli has for her and the lines that she is crossing with him. Even with Giovanni gone she can’t help but feel as if she is betraying him with every inch she gets closer to Eli. Eli, ever the patient friend and lover, is willing to settle for second place. He knows that Rachel will always love Giovanni, but his feelings for her are too strong to deny. Rachel continually lets Eli know that she will never love him like she loves Giovanni. He can have her body and part of her heart, but her soul is for only one man. When she begins to be plagued with horribly painful visions and hearing a voice calling her name, she blames the guilt over her feelings for Eli.

When Charles makes the announcement that he has made plans to attack and destroy the Desmarais family and their entire organization, the visions/voices become more frequent and more real. With the help of several vampire allies, the group successfully infiltrates the Desmarais compound only to discover something that will change them all forever. Rachel knows that lines have been crossed and things can never be the same for any of them. Will Rachel get a second chance at forever or lose everything that has made her eternal life worth living?

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