Friday, March 18, 2011

The Siren's Lure by Terry Spear

The Siren's LureAny fan of Terry Spear’s Wolf, Highland, or Vampire books will enjoy this short story. The Siren’s Lure contains all we’ve come to expect from Spear with plenty of humor, action, and sexual heat to fill the pages from start to finish. This Siren’s Lure has something for everyone with the sexy siren Demon Huntress Tristina and the sizzling seductive Vampire Prince Sardis.


Sardis, the leader of the New York Vampire Clan, wanted nothing more than to hang out at the beach resort and have a nice relaxing vacation. How was he to know that saving a beautiful woman from two goons would turn his vacation and his life upside-down? The woman he saves claims to be a Huntress and since he’s a vampire, it would probably be wise to ignore his attraction to her and let her be on her merry way. When she changes her story several times he doesn’t know what to think. First she’s a Vampire Huntress, then she’s got a fiancé Hunter waiting for her, then she’s a Demon Huntress, and finally she just needs to get to her friend Jane’s party. Fearing that she’s really just a mentally unstable human, he decides to escort her to the “party” she is so decadently dressed up for. Finding nothing but a deserted room containing a fire demon and a ghost, he starts to rethink his doubts; especially when she helps him kill the demon by sucking all the water from its body.

 When a gorgeous vampire steps in and “saves” her, Tristina tries to not get her hopes up that he will really want her. Half human and half water demon, she has a siren’s call that most men find irresistible. So while most men want her, none want her for who she really is. When the vampire, Sardis, refuses to give up his misguided assumption that she needs “protecting” she starts to wonder if his feelings for her are as undeniable as hers for him. She’s heard that vampires are viciously protective of their “mates”.

Tristina’s friend Jane was killed by a demon, but instead of passing over to the next life she has stayed as a poltergeist in that deserted room, summoning demons on the anniversary of her death every single year, hoping that one of the demons she summons will be the one that killed her and Tristina will be there to destroy it. But Jane isn’t the only one summoning demons in the area.

Together, Sardis and Tristina must find and destroy the Demon Summoner and his book of demon names and send Jane into the afterlife if they are to have any chance at a life together, for Sardis must return to his life in New York, but Tristina can’t leave the area to the demons unchecked.

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