Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make Mine Midnight by Annmarie McKenna

Make Mine MidnightAnnmarie McKenna’s Make Mine Midnight is a steamy and emotionally captivating story. Any fan of MMF stories will love the relationship between Mason, Hunter, and Claire.
When Claire’s neighbor invites her to his New Year’s Eve party she accepts knowing she’ll be in her usual spot along the wall writing notes in her little notebook and sipping her drink. Claire may be a wallflower, but she’s also an erotic romance writer. Sex in her imagination is quite vivid, in real life, not so much.
Noticing a god like specimen across the room she jots down some notes for a possible storyline with him as the hero, along with the sexy dream standing right next to him. When she sees them making their way over to her she can’t help but feel her whole body thrumming with excitement even though they surely aren’t coming for her, or are they.
Hunter and Mason have been dreaming of Claire since high school. Back then they were invisible due to their lanky bodies and “computer geek” reputations. College did their bodies good! They are still the computer geeks, but now they have bodies that women drool over. They could have just about anyone at the party, but their eyes are only on Claire.  They’ve planned this moment for years and they have some New Year’s resolutions of their own; to have Claire between them by midnight and keep her with them for good.
Claire’s own list of New Year’s resolutions just happens to include ending up in someone’s bed for the night. So when the two sexy dreams come up to her and invite her to dance she decides to let herself just enjoy it.  Realizing who Mason and Hunter are comes as a shock, but not as much of a shock as being invited to spend the night with not just one of them, but both of them at the same time.
One night with Hunter and Mason was more than she ever dreamed it could be. Unfortunately now the sexy men are trying to do the “right” thing and give her up so she can find a normal life with just one man. Too bad that’s not what she wants. Claire is going to set them right and get her “happily ever after,” with both her men!

Luxuria by Nicci Sefton

Nicci Sefton’s Luxuria is a great story of first loves, teenage crushes, trying to fit in at a new school, and oh yeah, the most popular girls just happen to be vampires. The relationship between Derrick and Annabelle is believable and draws you in very quickly. The supporting characters are just as well written and developed as the two leads. I don’t normally read or review books in the YA genre, but I found this book to be very well written and thought out for such a young author. Nicci Sefton has a bright future as an author if she continues to develop her talent with original ideas and well written stories.
When Derrick Clark steps into Madison Prep for his first day he’s not sure what to expect. All he knows is this school is nothing like his old school. Luckily he recognizes several people from his old school that had also been transferred.  The day turns out to be pretty typical until he see’s Annabell Crystal. She’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and he’s drawn to her even more than the rest of the school seems to be. Along with her two sisters Lucy and Precious, the Crystal’s are the talk of the school. All the girls want to be them and all the boys want to date them. There is just something so different about them. When Derrick is paired with Annabell in poetry class, as well as being cast as her partner in the school play, he falls head over heels for her.  Unfortunately Annabell seems to feel nothing but irritation for him. Her disdainful attitude towards him doesn’t keep Derrick from pursuing her even against the warnings of the other students that the girls don’t date, ever.
Eventually Derrick gets under Annabell’s tough exterior and as the relationship grows he finds out their secret. The Crystal’s are vampires. Derrick refuses to give up Annabell even though she continually tells him that she is dangerous for him. But love is love. Derrick stands behind his declaration of love against Annabell’s denial of her feelings and the fact that her family has forbidden her from having any kind of relationship with him.
When a powerful vampire from the past comes to claim Annabell for himself, the relationship between her and Derrick may be the death of both of them.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jabril: Vampires in America

JabrilJabril is the second book in D.B. Reynolds’ series Vampires in America. We were left broken hearted at the end of Raphael, wondering if the two lovers would ever reunite. In Jabril, we get to experience the strength of Cyn and the determination of Raphael that sets up some very emotional and sexy scenes between the two. With new characters added to the already compelling cast, Reynolds draws us deeper into the world of the Vampire Lords. Reynolds’ vivid descriptions make it easy to jump into the story and lose track of time, making this book impossible to put down! The descriptive natures of Reynolds’ writing made it very easy to hate Jabril from the very first meeting. I cringed at his actions and cheered at his downfall! This story is filled with action, adventure, love, betrayal, and a refreshing reminder that not all vampires are made for happily ever after. Some are the purely evil monsters of legend.  I can’t wait to see where D.B. Reynolds takes this series. A must read for all vampire lovers!
When Raphael, one of the country’s eight Vampire Lords, walked away from Cynthia (Cyn) Leighton she thought her heart would never heal. What better way to move on with her life than to take a PI job in Texas, far away from Raphael’s California territory. Once Cyn gets to Texas, she learns quickly that not all Vampire Lords are created equal. While Raphael rules his territory with strength and fairness, the Texas Vampire Lord Jabril Karim rules through pain and fear.
Jabril had manipulated his way through the court system in order to get guardianship of Mirabelle and Liz in order to gain control of their family’s vast fortune. When Mirabelle turned 18, Jabril raped and turned Mirabelle so that he could truly control her. When Liz goes missing Jabril decides to hire Cyn to find her. He also hires a male PI since he doesn’t truly believe that Cyn will succeed. The only reason he wanted Cyn was because he knew she was once Raphael’s.
While meeting with Jabril, Cyn also meets the sister of the missing girl and realizes quickly that leaving Mirabelle in Jabril’s control or bringing Liz back to him is the last thing she is going to do. Risking her life and Jabril’s wrath, she rescues Mirabelle from the compound and heads to the only place she knows they will both be safe. Cyn must put aside her own broken heart and beg Raphael to take Mirabelle as one of his own. While Raphael agrees to protect Mirabelle he also uses the situation to keep Cyn within his reach.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Overdue for Pleasure by Shelley Aikens

Overdue For PleasureWhile I did enjoy the very hot and steamy sex scenes, I found the story to be a bit too unrealistic for my taste. If that's not something that matters to you in your erotica reads, then you'll love this book!!!
When quiet librarian Mandy wakes from a sexy dream about Brad Pitt she's all but ready to jump her boyfriends bones. As usual he turns her away and she goes on with her day feeling very horny and unsatisfied. Suddenly she's over run with sexy men wanting to have sex with her and she's all for it. Constantly questioning her morals and her sudden willingness to throw caution to the wind she finds herself allowing perfect strangers to rub against her on the bus, having sex in the middle of a park in plain daylight with a library patron, and also having sex with her coworker and friend. As Mandy realized that her friend, her stuck up neighbor, and the gorgeous guy from the library (who she also doesn't know the name of) aren't exactly who she thought they were, she also finds out that she wasn't who she thought she was. She lets herself go from one experience to another with little more than a brief thought of it. I guess she "struggles" a little with it, but easily is distracted by whichever man happens to have his hand on her crotch at the time.

I simply found the book amusing in the excesses Mandy accept. I ended up skipping over part and just reading the excellent sex scenes. They were steaming hot!!!