Monday, March 14, 2011

Goddess in Training

Goddess in TrainingNo one is safe when the gods play their games.
Terry Spear’s short tale of passion and love will please any romance fan. With only 25 pages, Spear does a fantastic job of filling each and every page with vivid descriptions and imaginative characters that will keep you entertained to the end.
Zeus and Hera, ever the competitive couple, have placed a wager.  Zeus, in his infinite wisdom, knows that mortals and immortals alike need only physical satisfaction to be happy. Hera wholly disagrees. As the Goddess of Marriage, Hera knows that while they may be satisfied physically, they will never be complete without love being a part of that physical pleasure.
Zeus places Asarian, the demi-god of pleasure against a human of Hera’s choosing. After much thought, Hera chooses Lisandra, a 26 year old virgin librarian.
If Zeus wins then Lisandra will become the demi-god of fertility. If Hera wins, then the gods will forever leave Asarian & Lisandra to their own lives without interference.

Asarian, caught in the middle of Zeus & Hera’s game, walks into Lisandra’s library assured that he will win the bet for Zeus. He’ll seduce Lisandra, giving her the greatest pleasure she’s ever known and leave her completely satisfied while keeping both their hearts out of it. That’s what Asarian does after all; pleasure the women with his body, but not his heart. What should’ve been an easy assignment becomes one of the most challenging things he’s ever done.

Lisandra may not be wise in the ways of carnal pleasures, but she knows what she wants. When Asarian walks into her life she can’t deny he’s gorgeous, but she can see how dangerous he could be to her heart. Not willing to settle for less than everything from him, Asarian has no choice but to seduce her in what Lisandra thinks is a dream. Asarian soon finds out that Lisandra can do what even all the goddesses on Olympus can’t. She can bring this demi-god of pleasure down on the knees of his heart.

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