Friday, June 11, 2010

Blood Born by Linda Howard and Linda Jones

Blood BornBlood Born was one of those books that surprised me. I was expecting the usual vampire vs. humans or vampire-loves-human, but this one was so much more. This book really had more of an Urban Fantasy feel to it than a Romance, but fans of either will love this book! The background of the main characters was so in-depth that it was impossible not to feel connected. I’ve read several reviews that said there was too much background but I feel that if you didn’t have the back ground of the characters, the story wouldn’t have the same appeal. Luca and Chloe are the main characters, but the supporting characters are so much a part of the story in their own way. This book is a perfect “first in a series” and I can’t wait to find out what happens to everyone next! The twists and turns in this story leave you guessing. The collaboration between Linda Howard and Linda Jones was a flawless blend and I am looking forward to reading Warrior Rising in 2011.


The people of the US are more than aware of the blood-suckers that inhabit Washington DC. What they don’t know is that there are real blood suckers: Vampires, and there is a rouge faction, led by one of the council members, that are conspiring to take their place at the top of the food chain. The rogue vampires are tired of hiding in the dark, pretending not to be the powerful immortals that they are. The humans are nothing more than food and should be put in their place. The rogues are tracking down and killing conduits, humans that are able to bring ancient spirit warriors into the human realm to fight the vampires. Fortunately for the vampires, the humans have no idea they are conduits, some finding themselves doubting their sanity after seeing visions and hearing voices of their warriors. The vampires have to kill the conduits before the warriors can come through to this realm.

Luca Ambrus is a Blood Born. He’s a rare vampire, born of two vampire parents and, therefore, one of the most powerful in the vampire race. Luca also has a gift (or a curse): no one remembers him once they have taken their eyes off of him. Only the oldest and most power of the vampires are immune. The Vampire Council has, for centuries, tried to get him to join with them, but Luca has always refused. A warrior at heart, he has no desire to play politics or to be holed up in the Council headquarters with the rest of the over-privileged Council members. He has been an agent for the council, working for them to keep the secrecy of the race and tracking down and destroying those that betray them.
When Luca’s one friend on the Council summons him with a cryptic message of battle and death, Luca returns to the Council to find his friend, Hector has been killed and by one of their own. In his search for the killer, he uncovers the conspiracy of the rogue vampires.

Chloe Fallon is a human and a conduit and has been having odd dreams and hearing voices for weeks now. Living on little sleep and doubting her own mortality she is caught by surprise when a rogue vampire attacks her on her way home from work. Luca has been following the rogue and comes to Chloe’s rescue. Luca is shocked when Chloe seems to be immune to his gift/curse by remembering him over and over again. His curiosity keeps him returning and soon they form a bond of trust as well as deeper, more passionate feelings. Chloe realizes that she must rely on Luca to keep her alive. Luca knows that he cannot trust anyone else and won’t leave Chloe’s life in any one else’s hands.

Time is running out for the rogue vampires, the conduits, and the warriors that are trying to make it over to the physical realm. As the line between the sides is blurred for some, it’s a race to get the upper hand in the battle before the human and vampire worlds collide.