Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Love Eternal: The Dark Kiss Trilogy #1 by Liz Strange

My Love Eternal“Blood, sex, and eternal life…..What more could a girl ask for?” That quote from the back cover was enough to make me want to read this book!
My Love Eternal is a wonderful step outside the usual books in the vampire romance genre. While the story does contain a beautiful love story between the main characters Rachel and Giovanni, it really shows the darker side of “life” as a vampire. My Love Eternal contains more in the way of a darker paranormal romance storyline. There are some pretty graphic scenes, including one rape, but even these scenes are done tastefully and truly serve a purpose to further the plot. Forget the pretty images in the movies. The life of a vampire is violence, blood, and many times death.  The intensity of the passionate loving emotions as well as the darker emotions of anger, revenge, and fear were so strong it made it impossible to not feel a connection to the characters.  Ms. Strange does a superb job of showing the veracious dark nature of the vampire and balances it perfectly with the more human emotion of true love.
My Love Eternal is the first book in The Dark Kiss Trilogy and I look forward to the next books!
Rachel is working the night shift at the hospital when a stranger shows up in her office. He’s the most beautiful man she’s ever seen and she is immediately drawn to him in a way that should frighten her, but doesn’t. After the brief encounter in her office she sees him in other places where she is. He haunts her every waking thought and her dreams as well, to the point of doubting her own sanity. Is he real? She sees things through his eyes, has memories that don’t belong to her. The dreams are so real and she finds herself waking in odd places, like she is trying to go to him even in her dreams.  As Rachel is drawn into Giovanni’s world she realizes that she is willing to give up everything, her family, her friends, her job, to be with him for eternity. Giovanni, after all, is a vampire.
Giovanni has been a vampire, alone in the world, for 300 years.  The moment he saw Rachel he knew she was the one, the one to accompany him through eternity. Never had he encountered someone who could hear his thoughts, feel his emotions, and share his memories so easily, so naturally. Giovanni never once hid the true nature of his being. He showed Rachel the dark side of his existence and was surprised to find that she still wanted to spend eternity by his side. She loved him, man and monster.
With Giovanni as her maker, lover, and guide through the complex world of being a vampire they find a comfortable existence together for many years. That is until the past catches up to them. The Desmarais family has been hunting Giovanni for centuries. Determined to carry out their vengeance for a tragedy Giovanni had no control over. Rachel and Giovanni must travel the world, uprooting their lives sometimes every couple years, sometimes no more than a week or two, just to stay one step ahead of the people who are bent on their destruction.