Monday, March 14, 2011

Hunger Untamed

Hunger Untamed: A Feral Warriors NovelHunger Untamed, the 5th book in the Feral Warriors series, features one of the oldest of the Ferals, Kougar.  Kougar has always been the one Feral that intrigued me because he was so secretive and haunted; I just knew there was a great story there.  Pamela Palmer does not disappoint in revealing all that makes Kougar the Feral he is today. Kougar’s mate Ariana is a fascinating character and it was great to learn more about her people the Ilinas. There is a sub story woven into the book with Wulfe and a human they saved from the Daemons in Rapture Untamed; definitely something to look forward to when Wulfe’s book comes around. Fans of the Feral Warriors series have a lot to look forward to in this book. Hunger Untamed is packed with almost nonstop action, sexy powerful scenes between Kougar and Ariana, and revelations about the past of the Feral Warriors and the Sacrifice.  A spectacular addition to the Feral Warriors series and with the ending comes claws that hook you for the next book Ecstasy Untamed coming in November 2011.
1000 years ago Kougar lost his mate, Ariana, Queen of the Ilinas. When a powerful dark spirit attacked her people she left his side to go to them. The only thing Kougar knows is that when he felt the mating bond break, his life was over. He lived, yes, but a grieved filled existence is not really living. 21 years ago he was shocked to find out that the Ilinas weren’t extinct at all. They had faked their extinction when they were infected by a dark spirit. Though Ariana lived he knew she was not the woman he loved 1000 years ago. She was filled with a darkness that would leave her beautiful sparkling blue eyes a dark soulless pit he had no desire to see. Or so he thought.
With only 10 days left to save Tighe and Hawke from the Mage’s Spirit Trap, Kougar knows the only person that can help is the Queen of the Ilinas. His long lost wife. What Kougar finds in the Crystal Castle is not a soulless dark spirit, but something even more shattering. Finding out that his mate, his wife Ariana, had not only faked her death, but purposely broke their mating bond, leaving him to suffer for the last millennium…well, that makes for a very pissed off kitty.

Kougar knows something isn’t right about the story Ariana is trying to feed him. Why isn’t she shifting to mist? Why is she living among the humans, working in a hospital as an RN? If she isn’t infected with the dark spirit, why did she choose to break their bond?

Ariana has been fighting to save her people. Attacked by a powerful Mage’s poison 1000 years ago Ariana lost several of her maidens before taking the poison into herself and blocking it from the remaining Ilinas. Retreating to the sanctuary of the Crystal Realm she kept herself and her people safe for 1000 years by faking their extinction.
Now Kougar has found her and demands her help to save his friends and demanding answers she can’t give him. Saving his friends would cause the death of everyone she’s fought so hard to save, including Kougar himself.
Kougar and Ariana must come together to find the answer to save her people as well as Tighe and Hawke before it’s too late.  With only days left to save the trapped Ferals, the hardest fight they have to face is the love that they once shared; a love that has the power to destroy both the Ilinas and the Ferals if it’s allowed to solidify the mating bond between them again.

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