Monday, February 15, 2010

Ravens Deep

Ravens Deep is a true, gothic-style vampire romance book. The story between Madeline and Darius has both the romanticism of a new relationship as well as a dark and sinister psychological aspect, combining passion and fear, leaving you breathless. The house, Ravens Deep, is like a 3rd character in the book and seems to have a soul of its own (causing me to leave the lights on to sleep at night). Throughout the book, you become witness to the powerful struggle between good and evil, the struggle to prove that true love can be enough to overcome the physical and psychological pain a lover can cause, and the proof that secrets, no matter how far gone, can come back to haunt you. Jordan’s exceptional attention to detail and vivid descriptions make it easy to step into the world of Ravens Deep and impossible to forget.

Madeline Shaw, aspiring-author, had no idea that by picking up a random genealogy magazine and sending a letter to a potential ancestor, her life would change forever. After several weeks of corresponding through letters, Mr. Chambers gives Madeline an invitation to use his home, Ravens Deep, to find her inspiration to write.
Madeline leaves the hustle of London for quiet country moors, arriving at Ravens Deep and immediately feeling a connection to the house (despite the odd noises, doors that open by themselves, and the odd fact that no one in the nearby villages knows of the house).

One evening, a handsome young man, named Darius, appears in the garden and things begin to take a different turn. Madeline is intrigued by his mystery. He appears out of nowhere, disappears just as quickly and seems to know too much about Ravens Deep and its history. Despite the feelings that are obvious between the two of them, Darius continues to hold Madeline at a distance and keep parts of him hidden from her. Madeline catches glimpses of something in Darius, a darkness in his eyes, that isn’t quite right. As days pass, Madeline starts to see more of the struggle in him, yet she can’t make herself walk away from him. She finally realizes that Darius is the “Mr. Chambers” with whom she’s been corresponding. She discovers he is a vampire. And their connection runs blood deep.

Darius tries desperately to make Madeline come to her senses and leave him, his struggle with the darkness within him is becoming harder and harder to overcome. After promising him that she will leave and never come back, she returns to London for a brief time only to realize that she cannot stay away from him, or Ravens Deep. Upon returning she encounters a Darius that she fears as much as she loves. As Madeline gives up everything in order to have a life with Darius, he continuously refuses to give her eternal life, not wanting her to become the monster he believes himself to be. There is tortured violence and anger in Darius that should be enough to make Madeline run for her life but instead, she is begging him to take it.