Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye

Hearts In DarknessLaura Kaye’s novella Hearts in Darkness simply blew me away! I found this book while researching her website for a review of her paranormal romance, Forever Freed (another fantastic must read!) I saw the cover for Hearts in Darkness and immediately clicked on it because, well, it’s so damn hot, who wouldn’t? I was surprised to see it was a contemporary romance and not paranormal, but after reading the excerpt I was hooked. The novella was a quick read, but it felt like I had read a full length novel because of the emotional connection I felt with the characters. At no point did the story feel rushed like so many novellas can.

Caden is a surprising character, with his tattoos and piercings, you’d expect a tough alpha male type, but his personality and his past make him someone you’d love to snuggle up to and take care of. While we learn a lot about Caden throughout the story and not as much about Makenna, she is still a well-developed character with whom she’s easy to identify. Their time alone in the dark elevator is filled with witty banter, sensual physical romance, and emotionally intimate conversations. The story keeps you intrigued and entertained throughout and disappointed that it’s over at the end.

Hearts in Darkness is a must read for any fan of romance. Think you can’t judge a book by its cover? You’re right, this book is so much better than the cover and that cover is pretty close to perfect! Well, just to be sure, I think I’ll go look at the cover again.  Mmmm, yep, perfect!

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