Thursday, December 30, 2010

Luxuria by Nicci Sefton

Nicci Sefton’s Luxuria is a great story of first loves, teenage crushes, trying to fit in at a new school, and oh yeah, the most popular girls just happen to be vampires. The relationship between Derrick and Annabelle is believable and draws you in very quickly. The supporting characters are just as well written and developed as the two leads. I don’t normally read or review books in the YA genre, but I found this book to be very well written and thought out for such a young author. Nicci Sefton has a bright future as an author if she continues to develop her talent with original ideas and well written stories.
When Derrick Clark steps into Madison Prep for his first day he’s not sure what to expect. All he knows is this school is nothing like his old school. Luckily he recognizes several people from his old school that had also been transferred.  The day turns out to be pretty typical until he see’s Annabell Crystal. She’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and he’s drawn to her even more than the rest of the school seems to be. Along with her two sisters Lucy and Precious, the Crystal’s are the talk of the school. All the girls want to be them and all the boys want to date them. There is just something so different about them. When Derrick is paired with Annabell in poetry class, as well as being cast as her partner in the school play, he falls head over heels for her.  Unfortunately Annabell seems to feel nothing but irritation for him. Her disdainful attitude towards him doesn’t keep Derrick from pursuing her even against the warnings of the other students that the girls don’t date, ever.
Eventually Derrick gets under Annabell’s tough exterior and as the relationship grows he finds out their secret. The Crystal’s are vampires. Derrick refuses to give up Annabell even though she continually tells him that she is dangerous for him. But love is love. Derrick stands behind his declaration of love against Annabell’s denial of her feelings and the fact that her family has forbidden her from having any kind of relationship with him.
When a powerful vampire from the past comes to claim Annabell for himself, the relationship between her and Derrick may be the death of both of them.

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