Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jabril: Vampires in America

JabrilJabril is the second book in D.B. Reynolds’ series Vampires in America. We were left broken hearted at the end of Raphael, wondering if the two lovers would ever reunite. In Jabril, we get to experience the strength of Cyn and the determination of Raphael that sets up some very emotional and sexy scenes between the two. With new characters added to the already compelling cast, Reynolds draws us deeper into the world of the Vampire Lords. Reynolds’ vivid descriptions make it easy to jump into the story and lose track of time, making this book impossible to put down! The descriptive natures of Reynolds’ writing made it very easy to hate Jabril from the very first meeting. I cringed at his actions and cheered at his downfall! This story is filled with action, adventure, love, betrayal, and a refreshing reminder that not all vampires are made for happily ever after. Some are the purely evil monsters of legend.  I can’t wait to see where D.B. Reynolds takes this series. A must read for all vampire lovers!
When Raphael, one of the country’s eight Vampire Lords, walked away from Cynthia (Cyn) Leighton she thought her heart would never heal. What better way to move on with her life than to take a PI job in Texas, far away from Raphael’s California territory. Once Cyn gets to Texas, she learns quickly that not all Vampire Lords are created equal. While Raphael rules his territory with strength and fairness, the Texas Vampire Lord Jabril Karim rules through pain and fear.
Jabril had manipulated his way through the court system in order to get guardianship of Mirabelle and Liz in order to gain control of their family’s vast fortune. When Mirabelle turned 18, Jabril raped and turned Mirabelle so that he could truly control her. When Liz goes missing Jabril decides to hire Cyn to find her. He also hires a male PI since he doesn’t truly believe that Cyn will succeed. The only reason he wanted Cyn was because he knew she was once Raphael’s.
While meeting with Jabril, Cyn also meets the sister of the missing girl and realizes quickly that leaving Mirabelle in Jabril’s control or bringing Liz back to him is the last thing she is going to do. Risking her life and Jabril’s wrath, she rescues Mirabelle from the compound and heads to the only place she knows they will both be safe. Cyn must put aside her own broken heart and beg Raphael to take Mirabelle as one of his own. While Raphael agrees to protect Mirabelle he also uses the situation to keep Cyn within his reach.

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