Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foolish Pride by Donna Marie Rogers

Foolish PrideI'm having a hard time reviewing this one. Most novellas have a flowing story line with a clear start and finish. Foolish Pride to me seemed like I picked up a book and started reading some chapters in the middle of it. Being that the description says it's an "extra peek" into the series, that's to be expected I guess. It's hard to judge whether I liked the characters or not because what I read was very emotional and I think I was seeing the characters at their worst. That being said, I tried to think about the bigger picture and what they would be like if I knew their pasts and more about what their relationship had been like.
Danny's character, in this small snip-it, was a real jerk. You see his bad side with the possessive and controlling attitude and temper he shows. My first reaction was that he's an abusive boyfriend. (not physically, but mentally)
Emily didn't do much but cry because she is so in love with him she doesn't know what to do.

Through out the story he does show his remorse for the things he's done and said. He knows the he is the one to blame and makes it up to Emily in the end. I would love to see this story expanded. I think there is so much more to Emily and Danny's story yet to be told.

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