Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Caressed by Moonlight by Amanda J Greene

Caressed by Moonlight (Rulers of Darkness)A wonderful debut novel in the Rulers of Darkness series, Amanda J Greene's Caressed by Moonlight takes us back in time when rumors and opinions from high society were enough to ruin a "lady". I loved Victoria's character because of her strength and wit. I found myself laughing at the way she continually put Dorian in his place even though he is such a powerful vampire used to being respected and feared. The relationship that starts as a matter of necessity and lust turns in to a love that can stand against any adversity. The secondary characters are all fascinating and worthy of their own books. I would love to read more about Falcon, Raphael, Jacques, and Sonya. Caressed by Moonlight is a story that any lover of romance literature will enjoy, whether you're a vampire fan or not. The vampire part just makes it all the more enjoyable!
It’s early 1800’s England and Victoria Kensington is in a difficult situation. Orphaned and unable to care for her young sister she is forced to sell off her family’s estate and move to her Aunt’s home in the city.  There her Aunt, who makes no secret of her deep contempt for Victoria, give her 1 month to find a suitable husband or she will be thrown out of the house and lost guardianship of her dear sister.  Knowing she is penniless, she doesn’t see how she could bring anything to a marriage. With the help of her best friend Lana she begins her search through the eligible men in the city. During one of the many parties her friend Lana forces her to attend she meets the handsome Prince Dorian Vlakhos. Her friend, and the rest of society, warns her away from him. With a reputation as a libertine, he is not the marrying type and will do nothing but tarnish her already strained image as a “proper lady”.

Dorian Vlakhos is no ordinary gentleman. He’s actually a powerful Vampire King. He is fighting to save his clan from complete destruction while faced with a terrible curse that will inevitably end his immortal life, like so many kings before him.  When Dorian meets Victoria, he knows he will do anything to have her. After many failed attempts to seduce the headstrong Victoria, a single kiss throws them both into a storm of emotions. Bringing about feelings that both Dorian and Victoria know they would be best to ignore.

When Victoria comes to Dorian for help he offers his home and marriage. Knowing he will be going back to his country soon he feels it’s a win/win situation. He will have her in his bed and she will be free of her Aunt. He will leave her well suited to care for herself and her sister, without him having to worry about hurting either of them. What Dorian doesn’t know is that Victoria is no wilting flower to sit back and allow him to leave without her. Showing Victoria his true nature is sure to scare her off, but it changes nothing in her eyes. Determined to save her marriage and his soul they embark on one of the most dangerous journey’s either has faced. Death, deceit, and war are parts of Dorian’s life that may be too much for Victoria’s mortal soul to survive.

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