Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PaST Due by CS Winchester

PaST DUE: When the bad guy is a human and a vampire is an ally, it's no wonder things get a little complicated (Volume 1)

“A vampire, a shapeshifter, a witch, a zombie, a demon, and a psychic. Frankie thought it had the makings of a very good joke but her terror kept her from coming up with a decent punch line.”  ~PaST Due
CS Winchester brings us a fascinating suspense filled book that grabs your attention and leaves you on the edge of your seat until the final page. Frankie is such a strong character she easily holds her own among some very demanding males!  The story line has the unique twist in that the bad guy is human and the good guys working with Frankie trying to save the world are vampires and shapeshifters.  This is a must read for anyone that loves suspense, romance, and all things paranormal. I look forward to the second book in this series, Half PaST, where we’ll get to learn much more about the powerful alluring vampire Josh.
In Frankie Wright’s world, she’s not one to bat an eyelash as anything strange or supernatural. As a psychic and agent for the secretive MI5 in the PaST (Paranormal and Supernatural Taskforce) department, it’s Frankie’s job to keep the Paranormal and Supernatural away from human awareness. She’s had a lot of practice with that, since she’s been hiding her psychic ability her whole life. Frankie is unable to touch anyone without hearing everything they are thinking or feeling their “past”. When a killer begins murdering young women in a ritualistic fashion, she has to work with her ex-boyfriend Will Campbell, the lead investigator for the police, all the while keeping both her personal psychic abilities and the paranormal aspect of the case secret.   Frankie finds the connection between the victims and it just happens to be that they all frequent a club owned by Alexander McNabb, a sexy sophisticated vampire.  Frankie soon realizes that even though Alex is a vampire he’s a welcome partner with the case as well as in her bed. The fact that she doesn’t “feel” any of his emotions or “past”, gives her the chance to have the close contact she never thought possible.
Being used to working on her own, Frankie struggles to work  not only with Alex and Will, but with a second very powerful vampire Josh and his shape shifter family, as well as with the local witch coven. Even with all their help, Frankie finds herself racing against time to find the killer before he brings hell upon earth, quite literally.

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