Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quinn Keitt's Crimson Stained

Crimson Stained
Quinn Keitt’s Crimson Stained is a wonderful story of a love meant to overcome all obstacles. While this is a vampire romance, it could very well be a book about any young couple struggling with the beginnings of their relationship, dealing with addictions, family, friends, and the doubts. Keitt brings so much emotion into her story that any adult would be hard to not reminisce and empathize with the characters in the story. The vampire aspect of the story doesn’t come through as a main issue in the story, but adding a unique element that enhances the relationships. Crimson Stained will appeal to the fans of Twilight and True Blood alike.


Lacey is a young woman, living her life on her own and for the most part, she’s quite happy with it. Sure, she would love to not have to go to work everyday at the clothing store and sure, she’d love to have a good man to wake up next to everyday, but, such is life and she’s taken care of herself for a long time. One night as Lacey is coming home from work she sees an attractive, god-like specimen of a man in the parking garage. He notices her and their eyes meet; it’s an immediate attraction as he gravitates towards her. Unfortunately before he could reach her, he’s attacked by some kind of monster; a monster that bites into the boy’s neck and rips it open while sucking down the blood. Great! If she’s not lusting after Tristan, a boy that can’t seem to get the hint that she’s in love with him, then she’s watching the next potential date get his throat torn out. Just her luck. Things seem to only be getting crazier when the boy she saw attacked shows up at her balcony window one night, completely naked! Not that she would complain about an Adonis-like man, naked on her door step, but this one seems to want something from her as he continues to show up at midnight every single night. They strike up a somewhat awkward friendship through his continuous visits. She’s always been a sucker for the blond hair and green eyes, but she is not crazy enough to let him into her apartment! She soon learns hat Kevin is of all things, a vampire. Yep - just her luck. He’s not just a crazy naked boy; he’s a crazy naked vampire.

Kevin remembers seeing Lacey right before he was attacked. Now that he’s a vampire he has a single objective, to make Lacey his. Kevin is used to being on his own, but the possessive instincts of a vampire are hard to deny. While he doubts she would want a monster, who must kill to survive, he continues to show up at her balcony door every night, biding his time. He could enter her home without her permission (just one of the many myths he learned was untrue of vampires) but he does not want to scare her. He wants her to come to him willingly and become his mate. His patience is growing thin, and he devises a way to claim her on his terms.

As the relationship continues Lacey finds herself struggling with having to keep his secret, struggling with knowing the man she loves is a murderer. They face many of the same struggles that other young couples face in their relationship; dealing with family, friends, Kevin’s jealously over Tristan (who just happens to be noticing her now) and a pregnancy that has the potential to destroy their love for each other, on top of the issues of having a vampire for a lover.

Kevin soon finds it harder and harder to keep himself stable both physically and mentally. The demon that attacked him and changed him seems to have passed along his insatiable thirst and uncontrollable rages. Kevin is killing more and more people just to be able to function. The bodies are piling up and the police are taking notice. He’s becoming a danger to everyone including Lacey. Lacey knows that any sane person would run as fast as they can, but Kevin would find her, he’ll never let her go. Despite her natural fears, she knows she loves him too much to ever leave him, especially when he needs her the most. Lacey must find a way to save Kevin from the demon trying to take over his mind and body before he destroys any chance of their love surviving, not to mention their undead lives.

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