Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 4th book in Terry Spear’s Werewolf series can easily be a stand alone read. In Legend of the White Wolf she takes us on a suspense filled journey to the frozen forest of Maine. Spear’s attention to vivid detail and emotions makes it impossible not to feel as if you are right there with the characters, feeling the cold bite of the arctic wind or enjoying the warmth as fingers run through a wolf’s fur. As usual, the characters come off the pages and grab your attention quickly. Legend of the White Wolf will have you wondering who the good guys really are and turning pages all night long!

Cameron MacPherson has come to Maine, determined to find his two Seattle PI business partners, who are late returning from their hunting trip. Faith O’Malley is there to track down her ex-boyfriend who stole her father’s secret research. When the hotel mistakenly gives Faith the key to Cameron’s room they are both surprised at the sudden attraction between them. They both are there for business though, not pleasure. They soon find that their investigations are heading in the same direction, and they are suddenly involved with murders, mystical wolves, and a group of fanatics determined to prove the existence of werewolves.

Everything changes in the frozen backcountry as their passion heats up, but when a wolf attacks and Cameron is bitten they soon realized that there is more to the legends of mystical wolves than just a story. Together they must work with the lupus garou pack to solve the murders and save the pack and the future of the entire lupus garou world. All the while trying to keep Faith from being claimed by the pack’s alpha male and Cameron from being killed for claiming her for him self.

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