Thursday, November 5, 2009

First time caller, long time listener.

Okay, so technically that should be First Time Writer, Long Time Reader. I've decided to give this blog thing a go. Will it be something anyone else wants to read? Probably not, but there's nothing better than free therapy. I'm sure most of the stuff will be about books since I'm constantly buried in one. I help (and I say help loosely since I pretty much do everything) run the website and forum I love doing it and it's got some great little perks.
I've got a very creative mind for stories, but I'm not good at writing. So I figured I'd use this as a way for me to learn to get the thoughts out of my head and onto "paper". No, I'm not an aspiring author. I really have no desire to be one either. I like to read stuff everyone else writes and then review it. Kinda along the lines of "Those who can, Write. Those who can't, Read... and then judge the merit of someone else's hard work by writing reviews."
That's what I do. I feel like I've gotten better at writing reviews, but I have a lot to learn. (I wanna be LadyC when I grow up!)

There will also be just some random ramblings going on here too. Like I said, free therapy.

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